Travel to Italy

It is mandatory for all passengers entering Italian territory and not exempt from the obligation to provide evidence of lawful entry, to carry with them a passenger locator form (PLF) completed by an officer at the border.

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This passenger locator form must be completed in electronic format and contain highly personal information about passengers such as:

  1. Name(s) of passenger(s) traveling together as a family group or alone;
  2. Gender(s);
  3. Date of birth;
  4. Nationality(ies);
  5. Marital status;
  6. Occupation(s);
  7. Place(s) of birth - outside Italy - if different from nationality. The first place of birth recorded in the passenger locator form may not be the place of birth of passenger(s);
  8. Name(s) and surname(s) – a maiden or married – of passenger's mother – for Italian nationals – if a passenger is a minor;
  9. Place(s) where passport/identity document was issued.

It must contain a statement, signed by the passenger, declaring whether the passenger is carrying documents with them and if so an indication as to their nature. In addition, it must indicate that the passenger has been informed that failure to comply with this obligation will lead to their being considered undocumented.

The name on this declaration must correspond to the name contained in the passenger's identity document (.g., passport, travel document) and must be signed.

Passenger locator form (PLF) may also substitute for identity document issued by the consulate of Italy abroad if the passenger holds no other travel document or only has one that is unusable or invalid.

Requirements and required documents

The Passenger Locator Form (PLF), provided for by the Ordinance of 16 April 2021, must be completed by all passengers arriving in Italy, by any means of transport, before entering the national territory.
This passenger locator form is to be used by passengers from countries that are allowed to transit through Italy, not to travel from the originating country.

It must be completed even if you have an electronic ticket; otherwise, you will probably be sent back or forced to perform a COVID-19 PCR test before departure and observe a quarantine on arrival.

If your final destination is in Europe, the passenger locator form should not be required as long as you board within 5 hours of scheduled departure at any European airport other than Rome Fiumicino Airport (FCO). However, it would still make sense -depending on the results of your medical examination- to inform your airline about having tested negative for COVID-19.

COVID-19 tests on arrival

Passengers can voluntarily fill in the passenger locator form before departure if they wish to check the details of their passenger record while traveling or after arrival, but it is not required.

The passenger locator form must be filled in no later than 24 hours following the passenger's last flight arrival within Italian territory. If this deadline is not met, passengers will have to present themselves at an accredited COVID-19 testing facility and perform a COVID-19 PCR test before leaving Italy. This applies even for transit flights through Rome Fiumicino Airport (FCO) - International Airport code IATA: FCO - where the passenger did not actually land.

If you use this PLF, you do so at your own risk.

The passenger locator form is not a boarding pass and only serves the passenger to access their information in an electronic database and confirms that they do not have COVID-19 symptoms. No document will be issued for the passenger by the airline company, at their request or otherwise.

Important Information

The passenger locator form is a passenger-specific form containing information about the passenger and can be downloaded from home at least 24 hours before departure.

Having printed out this passenger locator form (or already filled it out), passengers must present themselves for passport control at their departure airport; they will automatically receive an additional electronic document that will serve as proof of compliance with the passenger identifier requirement.

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