Entry to the United Kingdom

When you fly into the United Kingdom, you are required to fill out a United Kingdom Passenger Locator Form. This form is used in conjunction with the Common Vigilance and Identity Detection System (CVIDS). It will help officials locate you in case of an emergency or if something happens during your journey.

Apply for UK PLF

You must usually complete a passenger locator form online before you arrive in the UK. If traveling by air, it may not be necessary to save your information if all that is required of you at customs upon entry into England or Scotland is an ID and admission ticket number (e-grip).

You can use this service so as:

When to submit PLF

It's important that you submit the UK PLF before traveling. You will need this in order to board a plane, train or ferry when leaving for Great Britain! When visiting/returning from abroad on an even number of days (e.g., 19), it must be submitted within 48 hours prior to boarding- but if there are odd numbers involved then these can still take place while traveling as well since one day is made up regardless of length.

COVID-19 testing and quarantine

If you think that your travel plans may be affected by COVID-19, it’s best to get in contact with a healthcare professional or the CDC before arriving at an airport.

You can book any tests needed after booking your flight tickets.

After you finish the passenger locator form, book any tests that are required to get tested before entering UK.

In addition provide a negative COVID-19 test results when traveling here so we can keep everyone safe from Coronavirus (COVID) infection!

Required documents

You will need to provide some basic personal information when completing the locator form.

This includes:

Negative COVID-19 test result required

Any traveler going to England from abroad (including UK nationals and residents) must show a negative COVID-19 test result within three days of leaving for England.

A complete passenger tracking form at least 48 hours before arrival is required, including all the countries you have visited or through which passed during 10 days prior to your scheduled departure date in order to avoid penalties upon entering into Heathrow Airport without being vaccinated against this virus.

Consultation about these rules should be done beforehand as it constantly changes with new additions daily!

Exemptions for non-vaccinated travelers from a non-red list countries

These are the steps you should take if arriving from a country that's not on our red list.

Apply for UK PLF