Belgium entry requirements

The Passenger Locator Form is an essential travel document for anyone who wants to enter Belgium.

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Fill it out within 6 months of your arrival and present the completed form if asked, even those with complete vaccines!

The PLF applies whether you're staying in the country for more than 48 hours or you were abroad temporarily so make sure that this information always gets filled in.

Passengers are obliged to have this document with them when passing through security controls in Belgian airports, onboard aircraft departing from Belgium, or upon arrival in the country.

When to fill in the PLF?

Important: You must always fill in the PLF when traveling to Belgium. Unless you're staying country or traveling for less than 48 hours.

Here are a few cases when you have to fill PLF:

Passengers who complete this passenger locator form, help the government of Belgium find their loved ones in case of a crisis or medical emergency.

The passenger locator forms have been around since July 2013 and initially were only required when traveling from West Africa, however, in November 2014 they were extended to all flights coming through airports in Europe. Anyone who ignores these instructions may be refused entry into the country.

Who is required to fill the Passenger Locator Form

All passengers must fill out this form before entering Belgium. It is required for all citizens, including those with complete vaccines or any other medical exemptions.

The Passenger Locator Form should be filled out within six months of arrival; failure to do so will result in refusal of entry into the country.

This also applies to those who plan on staying less than 48 hours.

Passenger locator number from another member state

If you have been issued a passenger locator number from another member state, please insert that as well as your date of birth and passport number on the top-center portion of this document.

You may be asked to present your passenger locator number by authorities at any time. Failure to produce this could result in detainment until you can be properly identified.

What should I put on Passenger Locator Form?

In the PLF form, the most important information every passenger has to provide is passenger's name and nationality.

  1. 1st name
  2. Last name
  3. Date of birth
  4. Nationality

Important information

Please note that this Passenger Locator Form is to be used by both residents and travelers, but it should always be carried along with your passport when in Belgium.

The passenger locator number must always be shown upon request, along with proof of residency or travel plans within the country.

Ideally, it should be kept on-hand at all times to prevent detainment which may happen if you cannot provide it upon request.

Mistakes in while filling out PLF

It is important to remember that all information on this Passenger Locator Form must remain current at all times.

If you feel there has been a mistake through no fault of your own, please contact us immediately for assistance with updating your records.

Damaged Passenger Locator Forms are subject to heavy fees as well as detainment until suitable proof of identification can be verified.

Do not attempt to alter Passenger Locator Form in any way.

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